5 Incredible Steps to Get your First Job on Upwork

5 Incredible Steps to Get your First Job on Upwork

In this article, I am going to explain how you can get your first job on Upwork fast. There are 5 Incredible Steps or Methods that are extremely helpful for you to get your first project. 

As you guys know that Connects on Upwork is not free now. You have to purchase them and then you can apply for jobs on Upwork. So nobody wants to waste their Connects. Follow my steps to get amazing results and only apply to those jobs that you are 95% going to get it.

Read Profiles of Other Freelancers

That is the first and most important step if you are going to get started on Upwork. You have to search for specific freelancers related to your niche. Then read their profiles carefully. Make sure that read the profiles of those freelancers who are getting work on Upwork and have jobs in progress. 

Check and analyze why they are getting that much work on Upwork. The most important thing is the description. When a client lands on someone profile, they only read the description. If description is written outstanding then they are going to hire that person. 

An Attractive Description can increase your chances of getting a job to 90%. Put your hard work in making description attractive.

Don’t Over Rate Yourself

If you are a newbie and don’t have any experience in freelancing then I suggest you, set the rate of your profile a bit lower. You can get the idea of an hourly rate by checking the profile of other freelancers in your niche. Let’s Suppose that If an experienced freelancer is selling their Video Editing skills on $10 per hour. Then your hourly rate as a newbie should be less. 

Experienced freelancer always has the upper hand because they have lot of good feedback on their profile. Clients will only hire you if your Hourly Rate is less then from an experienced freelancer. If your hourly rate is equal to the experienced freelancer then you should decide it by yourself that which freelancer should be hired.

Apply on Jobs With Small Cover Letter

Obviously No one has that much time to read long cover letters. Try to be concise while applying on the job. There are several steps while you should consider while applying on a job. 

1- My First suggestion is that you should add job title or job-related keywords in first two lines of the proposal. It can increase your chances to get picked. 

2- Clients are more interested in discussing the job details with those freelancers who applied with specific questions. You can make some questions that are related to the job. Clients attracted to those proposals in which freelancer shows their full interest. 

3- At the end of the proposal write this sentence “I have some more questions in my mind. Let’s start the interview so we can discuss the project in details” 

These three steps can increase your chances to get hired on Any Job related to your skills.

Improve your Communication Skills

Communication skills are one of the most important parts to get success on Upwork. If your communication skills are not that much good then you are not going to survive on Upwork or Any other freelancing platform as well. 

When your Communication skills are good then you can understand the thinking of your client. I understand the thinking of my clients when they send me the first message. Communication skills are the most powerful tool that can help you get your first job on Upwork. 

If you are from a Non-English speaking country then there will be some problems initially, but it can only solve if you practice English on a daily basis. Read Articles related to your skills. Read the Job Descriptions and understand how client is making sense of his proposal. Learn new things.

Use Advanced Search Option to Find Rare Jobs on Upwork

There is a unique tool in Upwork, which is Advanced Search. You can search for those jobs that have less than 5 proposals. Just follow the steps below.

1- Click on the Advanced Search Option below the search bar on Upwork. 

2- Click on the Filters Option

3- After clicking on Filters, There are lot of options to select. You just go to the Category of jobs. 

4- Select your Skill Category.

5- Then go to the proposal filter

6- Click on “Less Than 5 Proposals”

After clicking enter, you are going to get lot of jobs that have less than 5 proposals. This is the best opportunity for you to apply on those jobs.

Actually Upwork is one of the Top Freelancing Platforms. A lot of jobs posted on Upwork in just one Minute. There is high chance that Many of the jobs pass through without getting a single proposal. 

These are some of my Personal Secret Steps to get Jobs on Upwork. I tried my best to help those who are struggling with Upwork because they are not getting their first job on Upwork. 

Implement all the steps I describe in this article. I wish you good luck for your future.

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