Promote Clickbank Products on Facebook for Free [My Secret Trick]-min

Promote Clickbank Products on Facebook for Free [My Secret Trick]

So you want to Start Affiliate Marketing on Clickbank and don’t want to spend money on Facebook ads? Don’t Worry because in this Article i am going to provide you my secret method to promote clickbank products on facebook for free.

As you guys know that Affiliate Marketing is the growing Industry and Clickbank is one of the Top Affiliate Marketing Website in the World right now.

If you are thinking that you are late to start affiliate marketing, then you should keep in mind that it is the right time to start Affiliate Marketing.

So Basically in this article i will take the example of one specific product and will show you that how you can promote it on Facebook for free and Earn $50 Per day with just one sale.

Clickbank Product Selection to Promote on Facebook for Free

If you go to Clickbank Marketplace, You are going to find categories option on the left side of the clickbank website.

Just click on the Green Product Category as shown in the picture below.

When you click the Green Products Category. Then you will see the top product Named: “New Battery Reconditioning Course!”

So we will promote this product on Facebook for free. Just get the Affiliate Link from Clickbank and follow my methods.

Now you have your Affiliate Link then open and search Bitly. Open the first website to Shorten the Affiliate Link. You will get a short link which you are going to promote on Facebook.

After getting the short link. Now the real work is going to start.

Understanding the Product

This is the most important part. As you know that we took the example of a Specific Product which is related to Battery Reconditioning. So you should use your common sense that which type of people are going to buy this product?


Let me give you an idea. If you open the Clickbank Product Landing Page then you will see a video of a person explaining the Product. Basically this product will help customers to renew their old car battery or any battery they have in their house.

So you have to find those people who are the best fit for this type of product.

Lets take the example that the people having a Car, Are the best targeted audience.

Lets Jump to the Next Step, and let me Explain you that how are going to find people who own the car and really interested in this product.

Here is the Promotion Strategy

So if you follow the above steps carefully then start working on this step.

1- Open Facebook

2- Go to Search Bar of Facebook

3- Write Car Workshops in (City Name)

Basically people who joined Car Workshop Groups are highly interested in cars. Have you ever joined a Facebook Group of your Car Mechanic? If not then you are not that much deeply interested in cars.

So now just think of those who joined their Car Mechanic Facebook Group? How much they are interested in the Cars related Stuff.

Now lets Come back to the Strategy.

There you will find lot of Car Workshops in your Specific Chosen city. You just have to Click the Groups Section.

Join some of the groups listed there.

After joining you are going to do something important.

You have to post in Facebook Group but Do not Add the Product link in the Post.

You will post a Picture of some random battery (Copy the Photo from Google) and Post it on Facebook with this Text “Hi Everyone, I am using my Old Car Battery again. I reconditioned this battery at home. Do you want to know how i did it? Comment Bellow”

This post are going to get approved, Guaranteed, because you are not adding any affiliate link with the post.

When people comment on your post. You will see comments like “Interested” “Tell Me” or something like that.

Just reply to every comment you get with “Check your Inbox”.

And that is the last step. Just send that Affiliate Link of Clickbank Product you created and shorten from Bitly.

When they will open a link of that product, the person in the video will convince them to purchase the product.

It is the tested method and always work with any Clickbank product. Important thing is that you have to understand the intent of the Product, Then you can find the related audience easily.

I hope you guys enjoyed my Clickbank Trick. If you want to see more content like this just Comment Bellow. I am happy to discuss everything with you guys.

Stay Safe..!

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